Simple printed messages delivered easily right from your smartphone!

Photo Postcards, stamps included, sent anywhere in the world.

How much do you think this is worth?

You can send them to people across town, out of state, across the country, and to other countries around the world. Doesn’t matter where you send them, or how many you send.

The more you send:

  • The more you create influence and connect with others

  • The more you stay top of mind with real tangible touches

  • The more you elevate yourself as someone who cares

  • The more you connect with positive energy

  • The more you ignite a process that attracts prosperity

  • It’s fun, it’s easy, and it becomes a peak performance habit

You can easily click and paste pictures your friends have posted on Facebook or Instagram, or grab pictures you have on your phone, and create a printed postcard of celebration that will never be forgotten.

As a business tool, this is more powerful than most online marketing systems that cost $1000/month or more - and you don’t have to become an expert.


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How much is this worth to you?

Imagine the possibilities! Unlimited Photo Postcard sending to anywhere in the world!

Just the service alone could easily be worth up to $1000 per month or more.

Think about it.
A service that prints custom color postcards on demand, adds whatever postage is needed, and sends them for you.

Yes, easily up to $1000 per month or more.

What if some of those postcards started a new business relationship or helped you close a deal.

We have collected stories from people that have generated $1000s, $10s of thousands, even $100s of thousands of dollars in new business.

All because some of those postcards made the right impression and made connections with the right people at just the right time.

And that is just the business benefit.

  • What about reconnecting with old friends, or even family members?

  • What about relationships that are re-kindled or even repaired?

  • What about the genuine connections that are made?

  • What about feeling like what you are doing matters?

These are all the things that Unlimited Photo Postcards can do that you cannot put a dollar value on.

So how much is this worth? How much would you pay?

Our program generates new revenue for the things money can buy and also creates relationship, connection and purpose for the things that money cannot buy.

What if we told you, you could get all of this for just $97.00 per month.

That’s right!

You can send Unlimited Photo Postcards stamps included, anywhere in the world for just $97.00 per month and you can cancel anytime. But why would you?

You can send these Photo Postcards from the convenience of your computer or your smart-phone

Check out this quick video that shows you just how easy it is:


You might be asking why we would offer unlimited sending of real Photo Postcards for such an unheard of price?

Because we know that if we make it simple for you to freely send lots of Photo Postcards:

  • You will make it a positive habit that will transform your life.

  • You will be activating a process that generates genuine human connection.

  • You will be happy with the results.

When you are happy with the results, chances are you will use it more and tell others about it. You will also be likely to use other products we have to create better connections with yourself and others.

The more you activate the process by sending Photo Postcards, the greater the results will be.

The Photo Postcards are a way to quickly celebrate someone with their photo and a short caption.

You enjoy a 100% open rate when you send Photo Postcards

Think about it, when you go to your mailbox and receive a stack of mail, the postcard will stick out because it is already open. Chances are it is celebrating you, the receiver, with a picture or caption about you. This is why our Photo Postcards program is so fun and effective.

For just $97.00 per month (you can cancel anytime) you can send Unlimited Photo Postcards like these anywhere in the world!

But wait… there is even more!

With this $97.00 account, not only can you send Photo Postcards, you can also participate in our Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Card program! This is where you can do the same thing but with greeting cards.

The Heartfelt Prompting Cards are a way to celebrate with pictures and express yourself with detailed written messages.

That’s right - not only can you send Unlimited Photo Postcards, you can also send Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards. Get both for just $97.00 per month, stamps included sent anywhere in the world.

Click here to sign-up now and receive:
Unlimited Photo Postcards AND Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards - Stamps Included!

People from all over the world have joined our system, initially, to join the fun with Photo Postcards. Others have joined to send Heartfelt Prompting Cards.

You are invited to join now using both for one low monthly subscription price of just $97 per month.

Why do we call our greeting cards Heartfelt Prompting Cards?

A prompting is a feeling or a thought that guides you.
We all receive promptings to thank people, or tell them we appreciate them, or let them know we are thinking of them.

In business, we often want to thank people for doing business with us. Without a convenient system, those promptings rarely get acted upon.

The SendOutCards system was created to help people act on their promptings. The best way to do that is with a heartfelt message written personally by you. That is where the name Heartfelt Prompting Card comes from.

Here’s a few stories about the results people are getting by sending Unlimited Photo Postcards and Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards:

"Love getting those calls with tears of joy from the cards I send. The Photo Postcard Program is awesome and you are going to make someone's day!" - Shawn Barklow


"I LOVE sending custom birthday cards! Having your birthday wish be the one that stands out from digital or text wishes makes people feel special!" - Callie Teegardin

This gives you 2 ways to act on your promptings:

The Photo Postcard is a way to quickly, celebrate someone with a personal photo and a clever caption.
The Heartfelt Prompting Card is a way to share detailed appreciation with pictures and a detailed written message.

With this incredible offer, you are able to send both the Photo Postcards and the Heartfelt Promptings Cards for just $97 per month, stamps included.

Even without including the Unlimited Heartfelt Card program, the value proposition is unlike anything ever offered on the internet before. When you include the greeting cards with the postcards there is no question.

Think about it. You receive 2 unlimited card sending programs in 1. Each of them initiates the promptings process for you while celebrating others in 2 different and unique ways


With your $97.00 Unlimited Photo Postcards program, you also get the Unlimited Heartfelt Card program absolutely FREE!


Not just for a limited time! This offer is on-going every month you are on the subscription.

Does this really work?

Close to a million unique users have been introduced to this system and close to 200 million cards have been sent to addresses all over the world.

We have only just begun.

After monitoring the results of hundreds of thousands of users, we have clear proof that the more people act on their promptings and send heartfelt cards, the higher level of success they experience. We are not just talking about success in general, we are talking about specific success in key areas of your life that really matter.

This is what consistent Heartfelt Card sending will do for you:

  • Delivers a simple way for you to act on your promptings to send messages of kindness to people in your life. And, guess what? Those people deserve it. Ask yourself, when it comes to making an impact, how much is this one single benefit worth to you?

  • The more consistent you are at acting on promptings, the more you will receive them. This naturally sharpens your intuition skills and helps you connect with more people.

  • When you act on your outer promptings, it immediately triggers your inner promptings. This is your internal guidance system or your inner voice. Why is this important?

  • Your inner-voice is your positive on-purpose voice. It connects you with who you really are and the genius that only you have. This allows you to make the difference you were meant to make.

  • This delivers the best way to establish genuine human connection with others and impactful connection with yourself.

  • Consistent sending of Photo Postcards and Heartfelt Prompting cards will create strong family ties, true friendships, loyal customers, and record-breaking referral business.

  • It keeps you top-of-mind with your family, friends, prospects, customers and business associates.

  • It demonstrates best practices for highly successful relationship marketing programs

  • Gives you a way to build influence with your friends and your business community.

  • Separates you from the majority who rely, solely, on digital marketing and digital communications.

  • Triggers an abundance of referrals and favors that will escalate any business you are in.

  • When you write daily expressions of appreciation it keeps your mindset in appreciation and gratitude.

  • Your daily written expression ignites your creativity and heightens your communication skills.

If you had a system that guaranteed to deliver this amazing list of personal and relationship development benefits, how much would it be worth to you?

The relationship marketing benefits alone could generate a 10X in referral business no matter what kind of business you are in. Check out just a couple of these real-life stories:

 Becky - Insurance agent

I sent out 32 “Thank you for your business” cards to new clients I wrote the month prior. So far this week I have received 7 calls saying thank you and 12 REFERRALS!”

Barb Corsa - Office Manager for a Home Inspection Co.

We always sent thank you cards to our customers after the inspection. We put a picture of the house on the front with the words Thank You and added a two pack of brownies. For our referring Realtors, we did a “Thank you for your referral” card with a small Visa gift card. It was a real hit and created additional referrals!!

Heba Ahmed Malki - Construction company owner

The success of my construction and supply showroom has been amazing. I had been in contact with a designer for a while hoping we could work together. After sending “just because”, “thinking of you” and “Happy Birthday” cards, I closed an amazing deal with her, one of my biggest jobs to date. I totally believe the SendOutCards system is the best for tangible touches as well has been a huge growth and referral source for my business. It really keeps us top of mind.

You can 10X the results of your personal-growth and peak performance journey by using heartfelt card sending to initiate the promptings process daily in your life. Here’s a few more stories that we can all be inspired by:

Bob & BettyAnn Golden - Affiliate Marketers

Ever since we learned about Promptings, we’ve been reaping the benefits. We have strengthened our relationships with ourselves, with each other and with everyone we meet. We understand the true value in sending that unexpected heartfelt card. One that says, Thank you, We appreciate you, You’re doing a great job! That card just happens to always arrive at the right time in their life. You cannot plan it any better. We realized that self-promoting wasn’t necessary for us, we never needed to ask for a referral, we only needed to share our appreciation for them and be their friends. Acting on a prompting changed our thinking, our habits and most importantly, our lives, forever.

Michelle Slaney-Trovato - Special Education Teacher & Special Needs mother

I often hear special needs children are overlooked during events because they are removed from the regular classroom. I decided to reach out to the parents of special needs kids, requesting to send their children cards from my children. I have been sending cards, like this, worldwide and have heard from many parents the impact it is making in their kids’ lives!

Ellen Marrs - Boston marathon runner

Several years ago I attended an event where I was introduced to the Promptings Process. I followed the instructions and set several goals for myself at that event. One of those goals was to run 12 races, either a full or a half marathon for 12 consecutive months. I went on to ultimately run 13 races in that time span, 3 of which while I was pregnant with my 7th child. Thanks to much of what I learned from the Promptings Process, I was also able to run the most epic race of all races, the Boston marathon, 3 consecutive times.

What about the relationships that matter most?
Your immediate and extended family, your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, your closest friends. What kind of impact does the heartfelt card sending activity have? Here’s a few stories that shows you the power of expressed appreciation and celebration of others:

Cyndy Justice

My son served as a groomsman at a wedding for a friend. There was a beautiful lady there he had met before but hadn’t really talked with her much. He connected with her through Facebook and decided to send her a greeting card through the SendOutCards system to get her attention. When she received the card she thought, “what 25 year old guy sends cards? I need to get to know him!” As a result, they have been married since 2013. Keeping in touch can make a big difference in your life.

Mathew Firth

A couple years ago I started sending cards to celebrities and dignitaries on special occasions or just to thank them. One of the most wonderful responses I have received is from Jeremy Wade, Host of River Monsters, on the Discovery channel. He sent back a photo of himself on the front with a wonderful message but then on the back he answered some questions my daughter Rachel asked, he called out some attention to her and mentioned her by name! I thought that was very kind. All I did was send him a thank you card and he responded in kindness. Never underestimate the strength in sending someone a thank you card.

Mary Swarts

My son has a heart of gold and is a huge animal lover. He had a prompting to request donations for animals in need at local shelters. The response was amazing and he was overjoyed at the outpouring of support. So much of this comes from the power of acting on a prompting that he learned from the SendOutCards Mission and from this incredible community. Kindness brings us together!

As the world has shifted to online digital communication you are flooded with e-mail, social media posts, text messages, instant messenger and the list goes on and on.

By sending real tangible greeting cards and postcards, you separate yourself from the masses. When people receive these cards, they use more of the senses to process your message.

Rather than just seeing a post that becomes out of sight, out of mind, they can:
  • See it

  • Hold it & feel it
  • Smell the paper & print

  • Save & cherish it forever!

And, they will display them on:
  • Counters

  • Refrigerator doors

  • Hangers and walls

This keeps you top of mind and shows the receiver you cared enough to send them something in the mail.

We have collected thousands of stories of people who have kept the cards they have sent for months and even years.

A tangible card has a special connection energy to it. The SendOutCards system even allows you to add gifts to the cards to make the connection even more special.

The gifts are simple and convenient to add - and with the $97.00 Unlimited Heartfelt subscription you receive a 30% discount on the gifts offered in our online gift store.

  • The Unlimited Photo Postcard program with stamps included, for just $97.00 per month

  • The Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Card program also with stamps included and all the cards are sent for you

  • Enjoy up to a 30% discount on the gifts you add to the card

And, there is even more!

The cool thing about the SendOutCards system is that it will keep track of every name and address you add when you send your cards.

You can also import all your contacts, names, and addresses to the system so it's even easier for you to send cards.

There is also a place for you to add birthdays and other special occasions like wedding and employment anniversaries. The system will remind you when these occasions are coming up. Just click on the reminders and your card is ready to build and send with the address already included.

Yes! This means included with your $97.00 account you receive a complete Contact Manager that:
  • Tracks names, addresses, special occasions

  • Reminder system - Never forget a birthday ever again!

  • Tracks EVERY card you have sent

PLUS, access to send System Cards that allow you to:
  • Schedule cards to be sent at a future date

  • Send cards to a group (holiday cards, invitations, etc)

Here is an example of a family holiday card that went to 57 contacts all with a simple click of a button:

Here is an example of a real estate agent that sent a 3 card campaign that went out 3 separate times over a year to the person they sold a home for:

These cards are part of our Campaign Store. They are sold separately from our $97 Unlimited Heartfelt Card programs.

But Wait...

If you purchase a $97.00 per month Unlimited Photo Postcard program, not only will we include:

Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards, and a 30% Discount on Gifts, we will also include a complete Contact Manager that stores your contacts.

Sign up now for just $97 per month!

You will receive:

  • Unlimited Photo Postcard program with stamps included

  • Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Card program also with stamps included & all the cards are sent for you

  • 30% discount on gifts that you add to cards

  • 30% savings on shipping costs on average when you send your card with a gift

  • Contact Manager that stores contacts, special occasions, reminders and a history of every card sent

  • System Cards are only $1.50 each when you are on the $97 Unlimited Heartfelt subscription program

  • Cancel at anytime

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